Sitting around with my friends talking about a talk you guys did in my school in 2014. Hands down the most defining, character building experience in our years there. Thank you for your work, I wholeheartedly believe it saved some of my friends life. Keep it up. Joe
Workshop Participant, 2014, Dublin
Soar visited our school to work with one of our LCA groups who had been through an especially difficult time and the workshop was undoubtedly one of the most special moments in my career to date. I am confident that it was something the students will reflect on for years to come. The adolescents in this group were able to witness, respect and share their own vulnerabilities, as well as that of their classmates, without judgement or fear of reprisal. The entire experience left them buzzing and pulled them together even tighter as a class. I highly recommend Soar without hesitation and I would be so thankful for any opportunity to work with them again in the future. I anticipate a long lasting relationship between themselves and our school and I hope they know how grateful we are for everything they’ve done. Charlene O’Malley
Guidance Counsellor, Holy Family Community School, Rathcoole
Soar have been working with our TY students now for four years. I have found their workshop to be one of the key moments of change for young people in our school. They are completely dedicated to giving young people the keys to unlock their true selves, warts and all so that they can take the next step in their lives with both confidence and self belief. This is not a workshop about "how great I am", it is a workshop about who am I, who I can be and how I can be courageous enough to be the person I so want to be. Trish O’Brien
School Chaplain, St. Louis Secondary School, Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo
Almost two years ago I had my first encounter with Soar. They came to my school to do a workshop with my year in TY. Believe it or not my boyfriend at the time broke up with me a day before the workshop (nightmare, I know). So I was not in the mood to talk about my feelings with people I didn’t know, but I’m glad I did. I had a chat with one of the facilitators afterwards and he asked me to come in to do work experience with them! I had one of the best weeks ever. The people in Soar are so inspiring and they reassured me that it’s totally cool if you don’t feel good all the time. They gave me so much confidence and encouraged me to be my best self. Through Soar I’ve met some unreal people that have inspired me so much and I am so excited to continue working with them in the future! Ali Toohey
Workshop Participant, 2017, Dublin
Our school isn’t really one for talking or being feelings oriented, we’re an all boys school known for being sporty or academics, but we had Soar in with us for less than 1 day and that changed, people who I thought I’d known my whole life revealed completely different sides of themselves and as a group we did new things, we started to genuinely CARE about people and each other again. This change in almost my entire classes personality took place in less than 7 hours with the Soar team. I can’t imagine what sort of positive changes that can be made over a long term course with them. My name is Eoin Smyth, and because of Soar, I stopped getting over stressed about small things, I started talking to people, started making friends and being more outgoing, I started to TALK! Having the courage to hold a conversation is something I’m so thankful Soar helped me achieve. Eoin Smyth
Workshop Participant, 2018,