Soar and The Tara Building

Soar is thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with The Tara Building – a creative community coworking hub with a passion for local community. 

The team at The Tara Building believes strongly in the power of community to make meaningful change in the world. They do so by devoting their resources to supporting those that are making a positive impact in the world. Soar are being supported by Tara under their new Social Impact Residency

Members of the Soar team at The Tara Building

How the Soar x Tara partnership works 

Having left our previous home to reduce costs during the pandemic, we were eager to find a new home from which to continue our essential work. This is a difficult feat, but fortunately The Tara Buildings were there to save the day. 

Tara’s commitment to the community they are building internally means that Soar have been availing themselves of the space rent free for a six-month period; while in exchange offering honest, character development workshops for Tara residents and the wider community.  

This space has given Soar the uplift they needed after two difficult years of remote work over Covid as CEO Mark McDonnell says,  

“Having an uplifting space like The Tara Building to connect in-person since May has been a real energetic shot in the arm for our team. Soar is an organisation built to create authentic environments for Teenagers to come together and connect so it’s essential we create similar environments for us to thrive as a team. Soar deliver workshops with real emotional depth to teenagers which can be demanding for our team. Coming together twice a week to support each other, have in-person planning and operational meetings, and feel that camaraderie allows us to be working at our best.” 

“The partnership works very well as the entire Soar team has access to hot desks and meeting space every Monday and Friday for a six-month residency. The meeting space enables us to have our full team together to plan for the week ahead, with the hot desks available for smaller breakout groups to work from depending on the projects or workshops we are delivering that week. As we are typically delivering workshops to teenagers all over the country from Tuesday to Thursday, Friday is a great opportunity to come together and bookend the week as a group. To have this residency in a vibrant and comfortable space provided by the Tara team who genuinely care about our mission, not only demonstrates great leadership but also gives great confidence to our team and reflects the ambition we have as an organisation.” 

It is a real pleasure to work in a space where we know our values are shared. In the words of Claire Gavin, General & Marketing Manager of The Tara Building, 

 “Supporting impactful work and those purposefully addressing social challenges in Ireland has always been a key commitment of ours. We are delighted to continue honouring this commitment by welcoming the Soar team to The Tara Building as part of our six-month Social Impact Residency. Their values, passion and energy are a fantastic addition to the Tara community. In addition to supporting and learning more about Soar’s meaningful work, we’re looking forward to giving Tara members a taster of what Soar do through a series of specially curated workshops. We are very proud of our Social Impact Residency programme and would be keen to see this model of leadership replicated in other co-working spaces.” 

Mc Donnell continued

“As with every partnership Soar enters into, we want it to be a collaborative and mutually beneficial arrangement. Soar specialises in creating environments that are non-judgemental and psychologically safe for Teenagers to increase self-awareness, build emotional resilience, and develop their inner confidence. The realness of these conversations has a huge impact on the group as it builds greater mutual understanding and empathy for each other, therefore growing deeper and longer-lasting connections. We want to do the same for the Tara community. We will be running fun and engaging workshops for the Tara community throughout our residency based on some of the key elements of our programmes.” 

You can read more about the partnership here in The Business Post

The Tara Building is a coworking, events and community hub in Dublin city centre which offers people space to create, collaborate, and grow. It houses hot desks, private offices, meeting rooms, event spaces, and a beautiful roof garden – but most importantly, it is home to a community of curious, creative, and passionate people. The Tara Building believe passionately in the power of creativity and community to make a positive impact for people, society, and the planet, and has plans to increase that impact.
To learn more about The Tara Building, visit or follow them on Instagram @thetarabuilding.