Partnerships are essential to our long-term sustainability and we depend on funding and expertise from a wide range of sources to keep our work going. Your commitment will enable us to continue to create safe spaces that facilitate authentic engagement – spaces that our young people crave. Soar’s work would not be possible without the funding and support from our Corporate Partners, Support Partners and Associate Partners.

By partnering with Soar, you will be making a significant contribution towards empowering the next generation of young people in Ireland. To discuss how your organisation can join the movement, contact Mark McDonnell now by emailing and let’s explore!

Friends of Soar

These friends embody the work of Soar with passion, possibility and integrity. They have shown up at pivotal stages in Soar’s development and contributed with much needed funding, expertise and mentorship. They are the bedrock on which this organisation is built.

Susan Dargan, Tony Garry, Michael Kearney, Tony Keily, Niamh Patten, Declan Ryan & Michael Slein.

Corporate Partners

The One Foundation are a private philanthropic fund and one of Soar’s key anchor partners. . They have believed in Soar from the earliest stage and have supported the organisation at decisive stages in our brief life cycle since 2012. Soar is honored to enter into a 5-year partnership with the foundation, where their financial assistance and sector expertise is providing a platform to increase our scale and maximise our impact. Their constant commitment to the well-being of young people is enabling this movement to be brave and fulfil our potential.

2016 was the first year of our partnership with AIB where their support greatly contributed towards reaching 5,568 young people, launching our Young Women’s Program and training the next generation of Soar facilitators. In 2017, AIB’s investment is focused on reaching more young people in schools, the initial phases of our Young Men’s Program and supporting our transition to a more sustainable model.

Davy was one of the first partners to come on board with significant investment over a 3-year period, allowing Soar to begin planning on a medium, rather than a short-term basis. Davy understood the growth phase Soar was in and provided financial investment to sustainably grow our team, invest in our program facilitators and reach more young people in schools. Davy’s commitment has also extended to individual team members supporting Soar, inclusion in various seminars and the use of their facilities.

The entire Ecclesiastical team have been alongside Soar from the very beginning . The team have been a reassuring, constant presence, with a much-needed mix of financial support, HR expertise, personal mentorship and encouragement at every turn. The support from Ecclesiastical has assisted Soar in our infancy as an organisation and has continued right through to where we are today.

Soar’s collaboration with Fenero is based on a real symmetry between our organisations. Fenero’s progressiveness around well-being in the workplace made it a perfect alignment. Fenero provides financial assistance towards our programs and financial and taxation expertise and support.

LEDGroups impact was felt immediately in 2015 , with support to increase the training of our facilitators and reach more young people across Ireland. This support entailed financial contribution, business expertise and mentorship to Soar’s Leadership Team. Over the last 2 years LED Group has been called upon at important junctures for Soar and they stood with us.

Stelfox believed in our vision for young people from the beginning and had the conviction and bravery to be the first people to financially back Soar’s co-founders. This action enabled Tony Griffin and Karl Swan to commit themselves to the creation of Soar and the organisation we have grown into today. The Stelfox contribution has been vast diverse and impactful. The entire team has supported in some way with financial support, fundraisers, business expertise, mentorship, friendship and a community spirit that nourishes our organisation.

Support Partners

KPMG got behind Soar in our first year by auditing our annual accounts and providing the safety and assuredness that comes with highly professional expertise. The unwavering support from KPMG has only increased, with a dedicated team working weekly on the ground with Soar ensuring our accounting and financial framework are to the highest standards. This level of professionalism and transparency is of great assistance to Soar’s ethics as a youth organization.

A&L Goodbody have partnered with Soar since our inception. Initially A&L would have provided legal guidance and assistance in the formation of the organisation. A&L have always been available to Soar with advice regarding the good governance of the organisation. This has culminated with the provision of a senior company secretarial advisor to sit on Soar’s Board of Directors.

MD of Datalytics, Tara Grehan, has been of great assistance to Soar at a key transitional stage of our development. Tara has assisted Soar in creating Soar’s 3-year Strategic Plan which will guide the organisation into 2020. Through a highly collaborative approach, Tara acquired a deep understanding of the organisation which cultivated some fresh insights and a clear vision of the road ahead.

Emerald Travel are an Ireland specialist travel organisation based in Melbourne, Australia. Soar’s deep connection to The Reach Foundation in Melbourne results in a regular flow of Reach and Soar people commuting to the other side of the world. Seamus and Chris have assisted with flights, connected Soar to the Irish community in Australia, provided funding opportunities and have literally opened their homes to Soar .Seamus and Chris have been dear friends to Soar in so many ways.

Microsoft have shown up for Soar in many ways during the formative early years and continue to do so today. As our operational team started to evolve, Microsoft undertook a needs analysis with our people and created a bespoke Office365 suite to support our work. Highly enthusiastic teams have provided support to Soar when installing our Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM system and various IT/Digital needs. Microsoft have also provided training and financial contributions through their Community Affairs Team.