Spectrum x Paul Walsh – Observe whats really going on

Observe what’s really going on…

After the automatic process of sleep is over I want you to observe the reality of what is really going on with you. From the moment you wake up until you go to sleep you are talking to yourself inside your mind (self talk). This talking to ourselves inside our minds is literally controlling our lives. It’s controlling our lives in two ways, it governs the actions we take and it governs the way in which we perceive events. You don’t need to listen to me to accept this, you can test this for yourself and once you see the reality of it, it can be one of the most liberating insights you’ll ever have.

Look at the clothing you are wearing at this moment and ask yourself how did it get onto your body. It got there because of the specific conversation you had with yourself this morning about what clothes to wear. You told yourself to wear those shoes and that jumper. Look at the food you ate today. How did it happen? You told yourself to eat that food. You can trace the actions you take with the exact conversation you are having with yourself. For you to go out and exercise a conversation about you going out to exercise must take place inside your mind. For you to put in work on a project you are working on, a conversation about putting in work on the project must take place inside your mind. If half way through working you decide you want to stop and you’ll get back to it tomorrow that was precisely the self talk that ran through your mind to make that happen. The self talk about stopping and doing it tomorrow is literally what makes that the reality. The self talk you engage in about what to do is what you do. This can be a profound insight going forward. This means that you are responsible for the actions you take within the environment you are in. All the things you engage in over the next 10 years and the rest of your life will be directly a result of your self talk. What I want you to understand from this is that the conversation you direct with yourself will be the actions you take or don’t take. If you are doing a certain action it’s because you are telling yourself to do it. If you didnt’t do something you didn’t tell yourself to do it. You have the power to direct this conversation within you therefore you have the power to direct your actions in life.

Your self talk is also determining how you perceive events. Life and events are constantly happening and it is your self talk about them that create the way they appear to you. I can’t stress how massive this is. Something happens, then you say something about it in your mind and that’s what makes it appear the way it appears to you. The world isn’t as it is, the world is as you are perceiving it. You are perceiving it through the filter of your self talk and the comments you make about life and the things that happen to you. The fact that it’s raining outside isn’t bad weather. It’s just raining, you’re the one who said it’s bad weather. For a farmer that rain could be exactly what he wants and would consider it good. Same event, two different perceptions because of the self talk generated about the event. This is how is it for you. You are shaping the way you see events and life. You have the power to perceive things in a positive or life affirming way. Bad things can happen, but you can be ok with that and then look for the seed of positivity or oppurtunity within it, it’s nearly always there if you look for it. My father and brother both died of cancer in the last 3 years. This obviously sucks, but at the same time I don’t have to see it from a negative place. I ask myself… “did they get the most amazing gift of having been alive and did I get the gift of having them in my life”? The answer is yes. I am seeing it from a bigger place. Lets celebrate the life they had rather than dwell on the fact they are gone. This is the magic of self talk and perception. You can make it work for you rather than against you. Life and events are constantly happening but whether they appear good or bad is down to us and how we percieve and respond to them with our self talk. You may hear throughout your life about people getting fired from a certain job or being let go and it being one of the best things that happened to them. That event could be seen as bad, but instead they look to see how it can work for them, more often than not because of this attitude they go and find something even better than what they were last working at, all because of how they choose to perceive and respond to it.
Be aware that the way you respond to things that happen are shaping the events in themselves. It’s not what happens that really matters but how you respond. You can’t choose all the events that happen to you but you can choose how you respond to them, that’s your freedom and it’s beautiful.

Self talk is determining your actions within your environment and it is determing how you perceive life. This is the reality of what’s going on. You are totally responsible for it. Take ownership of it and work it in ways that serve you.
*If you disagree, observe what makes your disagreement possible, your self talk.