5 Shorts – This Greedy Pig

This Greedy Pig is an online publication and creative agency based in Dublin. We love music, art, film and anything that sounds good and looks inviting. We showcase the best and brightest from both here in Ireland and abroad and we’re always looking out for unusual recommendations, cult hits and strange stories. Our ‘5 Shorts’ series rounds up the films that are exciting the internet with everything from music videos to mini-documentaries and web series. Here’s our pick for May:

Afternoon Class

We’ve all been there. Friday afternoon in a hot classroom, the weekend and sleep are calling. South Korean animator Seoro Oh has beautifully captured that Friday feeling in this short and he’s received loads of awards across a bunch of international festivals for his efforts. We dare you try to keep your eyes open while watching it.


Perfectly Normal

Following the life of Jordan, a man living with Asperger’s (a syndrome on the autism spectrum), ‘Perfectly Normal’ documents the day-to-day reality of how Jordan sees the world. This film dispels the ‘Rainman’ myth but looks at how a high-functioning person living with Asperger’s approaches work, relationships and self-care, including regular trips to the local pet shelter to pet the cats. An official selection of this year’s SXSW festival, ‘Perfectly Normal’ is a beautiful and touching piece of film.


Girl Boxer

Jesselyn ‘JessZilla’ Silva is a 10-year-old who defied the expectations of her peers to become an ambitious preteen boxer. The New York Times short follows Jess’s training and drive to go pro and win gold at the 2024 Olympics. ‘If there are any girls on my level that want to fight me and have fights… contact [my trainers] ‘cus I need sparring and I also need fights!’ this girl means business.

 H∆SHTAG$ – #Gqom

We’ve featured RBMA’s web series on internet music scenes as part of our ‘5 Shorts’ compilations before. Since then they’ve dived even deeper into global music sub-cultures. Gqom (pronounced differently depending on who’s speaking) is South Africa’s newest club craze, where musicians create rough, lo-fi beats and send them out to record labels abroad via Whatsapp.

Bonobo – Bambro Koyo Ganda (feat. Innov Gnawa)

Bonobo’s newest video from his album ‘Migration’ shows the movement of people and animals through timelapses of cities, ports, intersections, flocks of starlings and storms. Gripping watching, particularly with its ambient music backdrop.