No Tinted Glasses – Eva Lawes

I’m Eva Lawes and I’m a baker/cake designer from Dublin. I started baking as Delicious Circle in 2015 but I’ve been baking as a hobby since I was a little thing. I experienced some very dark days and found that baking became a therapy of sorts in my battle against anxiety and depression, something I could focus on and use as a creative outlet to turn my negative energy into something positive. I found I could bake myself happy and by sharing the things I baked I made other people happy too, it was the opposite of a vicious circle it was a delicious circle!

Most of the photographs I took are of my day to day life, popping out for bits and pieces, things I saw whilst walking the dog, friends, artwork from the Montessori I teach at when I’m not baking, cakes etc. They are the things that make me happy.

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And if you want to do some of your own baking check out my recipe videos on the RTE Player!