Join Our Crew

Want something different // Want real conversations about real life shit // Want to inspire teenagers to live deadly lives // Want experiences that blow your mind // Want to know yourself better // Want to laugh until you cry // Want to cry // Want to speak without filter // Want to push the boundaries // Want to push yourself // Want to do what scares you // Want to work with young people //


We’re recruiting people aged 18 – 30 years for our Crew. This Crew will train with us voluntarily initially, assist us in building well-being programs for teenagers and help us run our camps, events and workshops. After training, there will be an opportunity for those recruited to run workshops on a part-time, paid basis. We’re looking for fired up people from all walks of life who are curious about everything, up for a challenge and excited by having conversations about the big things in life.


Sound like you?


We’re having a Crew Recruitment event on Saturday 7th of July from 11am – 2pm in The Tara Building, D2. Register here for more info