It’s Just a Phase

“It’s just a phase”… Chances are you’ve heard those words at some stage in your life. We know that being a teenager is a phase but it’s a significant one that can shape and define a lot of your experiences and attitudes throughout life.

We work with young people during this important phase so that they can explore their challenges at an early stage, confront their fears, name their dreams and aspirations and decide what way they want to live life.

That’s how we explain what we do, but if you want to hear it straight from the horse’s (or in this case teenager’s) mouth have a read of this incredible piece written by Megan Byrne for A Lust for Life. We first met the legend that is Megan when she was in Transition Year in school and since then she’s gone on to join our Youth Crew and is now a Facilitator in Training. We think it hits the nail on the head for what Soar aims to do and how it is breaking down doors for young people all over Ireland.