We’re not just a little into feedback. We eat, sleep and breath it. At the end of all workshops every teenager who participates in a program completes a feedback assessment form. We use this feedback to understand the impact of the work on young people’s well-being, assess our program’s suitability and accessibility and to make sure that we’re consistently adapting to the needs of the teenagers we meet. The feedback form we use was created based on our wellbeing model and looks to assess developments in teenager’s coping mechanisms and resilience, awareness and understanding of self and others.

In 2019, we will undertake a longitudinal research study that will allow us to show, on a large scale, Soar’s impact on the thousands of teenagers who have access to our programs. This will be our biggest research project to date and an exciting phase for Soar… Stay tuned!

Humans of Dublin

An Interview with Soar Youth Crew Member Megan Byrne as part of a collaborative campaign between Humans of Dublin and Social Entrepreneurs Ireland

“Things only changed after Soar came to do a workshop in my school. It was like a light at the end of the tunnel. It felt like there was a whole new world out there where I could talk openly about my feelings and ask for help, and nobody would judge me. It was the first time I began opening up about my family and my past. Later on, they came and sat by my side at the social workers meetings. It was such an amazing feeling. They gave me all the support and the confidence I needed to speak out and ask for help to be able to leave my foster home. They were with me anywhere I needed support. I did my work experience with them and joined their youth club, and now I’m being trained to give talks in schools just like they do. They completely changed me as a person. Everything I wanted to be, suddenly became possible and if there is anything to say about them, well, they saved my life. And I will always be grateful for that!”

 Find out more at #Humansofdublin

Listening to What Young People Say

The greatest testament of the work that Soar does can be found in the voices of the young people we work with and within the hundreds of emails and messages we receive. While we never intend to teach young people anything, we do aim to provide a place for them to find their own answers through their personal experiences and through the experiences of those around them.