Child Safety

In order to maximise the safety and welfare of all children and young people that will take part in Soar programs, it is essential that it implements a Child Protection and Welfare policy that meets all legal criteria.

The wellbeing and protection of all young people is our most important priority. Therefore, Soar’s aim is to implement a Youth Protection Policy that will be communicated to all members, staff, participants, families and carers as well as reviewed by Soar’s designated liaison person every year or more regularly if it is required. It is each individual’s duty to be familiar with Soar’s protection policy and to adhere to it. Soar will ensure this by providing appropriate briefings and training to all personnel.

Early intervention is a key factor in promoting wellbeing, particularly if the young person is vulnerable or at risk. The prevention and detection of child abuse or neglect requires a coordinated multidisciplinary approach, effective management, clarity of responsibility and on-going training. The right assessment is crucial to determine the possibility of abuse or negligence. When there are reasonable grounds for believing a child or young person may have been, or is at risk of any form of abuse or negligence, Soar will proceed according to the steps laid out in its Youth Protection Policy.

Soar will continue to safeguard according to its Youth Welfare and Protection Policy by ensuring the following:

  • All those working for and on behalf of Soar will be Garda Vetted.
  • Child Protection Training will be provided to all working for and on behalf of Soar.
  • All Soar Staff follow our Framework for 1:1 support.
  • We provide a Safety Statement to all schools and teachers which can be given to parents and guardians.
  • For access to our child protection policy click here.
  • Our Privacy Policy is available here.