No Tinted Glasses – AikJ

My name is AikJ and i’m just like every one of you guys except i’m known for being a creative and making music. I wanted to show you a bit of my week and some things that are important to me, just to get to know me.

First I took a pick of where i grew up which is Blanchardstown, i haven’t seen a better more beautiful place in Ireland to live in that Blanchardstown just yet. At the moment I work in H&M part time to fund my full time dream, I wanna leave so bad lol.

This is my church, Its actually fun to go to church and I always keep my faith and God close to me, helps me know i’m gonna be alright no matter how bad my situation is.

This is where I love coming to allot, i write allot of music or be creative here. This is Diffusion lab where almost all my songs are done. I’m working on allot of stuff I can’t wait to let out. Music and being creative is everything to me. Finding something that you can’t wait to wake up to do is always very important….MAJOR KEY….Do more.

Decided to play ball with these two, they teamed up against me and still lost lol

Took a pick of my bag cause this bag has been with me for maybe 5 years, through college, start of music, my first ever video, the lovely Irish rain and weather. I don’t go anywhere without this bag. Always keep your crep (shoes) game on point and clean but never ever go broke for fashion.

My best friend made me get a Montana jacket so I thought I’d take a picture with it, never going to the shops with him lol he’ll make me buy anything.

Had to force this pick out of my boys, they keep me grounded and they’re one of the most important people in my life. Always surround yourself with good friends and good people….good vibes

I went to Barcelona and thought i’d show you a little of my experience. One of the best accomplishments you can ever achieve is to be able to travel. You get to open your mind to the most amazing things and moments… guys, always want to travel.


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